Of all the renovations that you may consider, some renovations substantially add to the resale value of your home.

For example, improvements to the kitchen, bathrooms or flooring are also a very good investment. Adding a fireplace or new deck may contribute differently to the re-sale value of your home at different price ranges.

Your payback from all renovations varies with the price of your home. Have a look at the 6 simplest and smartest renos for the average home in Canada.

 Home Stagers
Alternatively, you can find a company that could provide you with a staging service, setting up your home for viewing to the public:



Everyone knows the value of a first impression. We knew that landscaping the front and backyard of your home will give you a 7% better return on your renovating dollar over the average return on other popular renos. Increasing your curb appeal can be as simple as adding containers of brightly coloured flowers. Another idea would be to add a low maintenance garden with blocks of colour and texture.


The kitchen is the hub of every room for every family. It is a room with real value for every family. We’ve learned that kitchen upgrades can really deliver, with a 44% higher return on investment that the average. Upgrading technology with U-sockets is a small upgrade that can make a big difference! U-sockets are wall plugs with 2 built in USB ports that can be used to power tablets and smartphones.

Installing or upgrading the fireplace in your home will generate 11% greater return on investment that the average return on other popular renos. Smart Thermostats save energy by automatically adjusting the temperature based on your daily routine.

Often overlooked for the dramatic effect it can have on any living environment, the simple repainting of walls gives you a 29% better return over other renos. Rather than the dark walls of the photo here which may be to your personal liking use a light neutral pallette on the walls to give your home a larger feel and to appeal to the larger demographic. To amplify natural light use lighter colours and use a second colour from the same palette to break up an open space into more defined areas. Add splashes of colour of warm and dramatic trends that include a mix of strong colours, like red, orange, turqouise or rich blues in vases, pillows or throws.

Making your bathroom the best it can be will generate a 56% better return on investment than the average popular reno. Clean lines and simple, neutral colours work best to create a relaxing environment. A soaker tub and also a spa-like shower with a curb-less design is the way to go. If storage is your desire then add light coloured vanities with quartz counters and upgraded faucets and you have a bathroom with style!

Great looking floors are a strong feature in any home. It often makes all the difference in a sale. This upgrade can generate a 22% better return on investment than the average. Start by ripping out the dated wall-to-wall carpet. Then sand your existing floors down and refinsh them, or choose one of the many easy-to-install affordable other hardwoods now available.